The Curse of Stigma – a powerful and intimate documentary film that tells the story of two African women living with epilepsy and the pain, isolation, and harm they have suffered because of discrimination and deeply embedded cultural beliefs.  Their ultimate understanding of epilepsy as a treatable condition leads them to better health and brighter futures.  By telling their truth, and the truth about epilepsy, they overcome shame – the ultimate curse of epilepsy stigma.
The preview of the The Curse of Stigma will be shown at the 2023 International Epilepsy Congress in Dublin, Ireland.  The full documentary will be featured at select international film festivals in 2023-2024.  For more information visit:
The BAND Foundation and the Whitten-Newman Foundation jointly produced this film to raise awareness of the challenges of living with epilepsy in Africa and the opportunity to address stigma and advance access to affordable treatment.  Funds raised through this effort will go directly to IBE’s Africa Anti-Stigma Campaign.
For more information visit: