Vox today launched a detailed reporting initiative on biodiversity.  Down to Earth: The Biodiversity Crisis Explained will probe the science, politics and economics surrounding the critical threats to natural ecosystems and wild species that are now accelerating at unprecedented pace.  It aims to convey to a wide audience what the biodiversity crisis is, why it matters and how we can begin to think and act in ways that match the magnitude of effort required to address it.  

Down to Earth is the latest in a series of BAND Foundation-supported initiatives seeking to elevate the profile of biodiversity loss as an issue requiring urgent public attention, effective policy responses and increased funding.  BAND also provides grants currently to The Guardian, bioGraphic, Mongabay, and the Food & Environment Reporting Network.  A common thread is to underscore not just the key threats to biodiversity – i.e., those posed by climate change, habitat destruction, direct exploitation, invasive species, disease, etc. – but also the solutions that can help turn the tide and the remarkable people dedicated to bringing them about.