The BAND Foundation

The BAND Foundation is a US-based private family foundation that makes grants in support of nature conservation and epilepsy care.  We strive to back visionary individuals and institutions, promote science-based solutions, catalyze additional funding and operate in a collaborative, adaptive and risk-tolerant manner. 


We accept proposals by invitation only.


Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation

Beyond our family’s longstanding passion for wild landscapes and the species that inhabit them, we believe today’s accelerated pace of ecosystem destruction and biodiversity loss constitutes an urgent and underappreciated global crisis that carries profound moral, spiritual, economic, cultural and public health consequences and demands far greater resources, attention and action.  The BAND Foundation aims to support a strategic portfolio of impactful initiatives that also serves to showcase scalable solutions and opportunities for reversing this alarming trend.


Epilepsy Care

A young member of our family died in 2008 at age four from a poorly understood phenomenon called Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).  Epilepsy is one of the most common and neglected brain diseases globally, affecting an estimated 50 million people.  The BAND Foundation supports epilepsy-related work with an emphasis on SUDEP prevention and education, cutting-edge research and most recently an initiative to narrow the treatment gap in low income countries.

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