The Guardian today launched The Age of Extinction, a major multi-media reporting initiative to substantially expand global coverage of species loss and related ecological destruction.  A key feature of the series will be to explore the most promising solutions for halting these alarming trends.  Support for this ambitious effort is being provided by the BAND and Wyss Foundations through  The series will run through December 2020 when governments will convene to seek consensus on increased measures to protect biodiversity.

The Age of Extinction comes on the heels of a comprehensive UN report warning that the rapid deterioration of the natural world imperils the conditions necessary for human existence and well-being.  These include our ability to produce food, energy and medicines and to derive cultural, spiritual and other non-material benefits essential to our quality of life.  Among the report’s critical findings is that more than one million species are at grave risk of extinction. 

“We are rapidly diminishing nature’s ability to sustain and inspire us,” said Nick Lapham, President of the BAND Foundation.  “The Guardian is the global leader in environmental reporting and offers the perfect platform to bring a new level of attention, depth and consistency to coverage of these urgent issues.  By explaining the threats we face and profiling the people, organizations and ideas that can lead us out of this crisis, we hope The Age of Extinction will empower policy makers and other key stakeholders to take the bold actions needed to help nature recover and thrive.”