Nature Conservation

Beyond our family’s longstanding passion for nature and the outdoors, we believe that today’s unprecedented pace of ecosystem destruction and biodiversity loss poses one of the world’s most urgent and underappreciated crises – one with profound moral, spiritual, economic, cultural and public health consequences.


Henry Lapham, son of BAND trustees Nick and Gardiner, died from epilepsy in 2008 at age four.  An otherwise healthy child who had only just started having seizures, Henry died unexpectedly in his sleep from a poorly understood phenomenon called Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).  In response, BAND has actively funded epilepsy-related work with an emphasis on innovative research, SUDEP prevention and education and more recently narrowing the treatment gap in low-income countries.

Climate Change

The Green Horizons Fund is a BAND-affiliated donor advised fund also managed by the Lapham family that recommends grants aimed at mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.  The Fund will pay special attention to opportunities that complement the work of the BAND Foundation by simultaneously addressing climate change and conserving and/or restoring natural habitats.

Nature Conservation. Epilepsy. Climate Change.